About Us

Amazing Fu is the story about a Girl and a Dog...

In Chinese language, Fu means "Fortune"... and we are all fortunate to have pets who love us... or pets that we have loved...

Amazing Fu is committed to printing really cool designs on shoes, handbags, bedding, pillow covers and anything we can get our hands on really.  We love exploring the world over for unique designs that are elegant, funky, kitch or pretty darn good and we source the whole world over in order to do this coz we love fun and we love funk!  

Germany, the UK, the USA, France, India, China, these are some of the places our Print shops and designers reside and we take pride in getting them to you in the fastest amount of time (even if your order does have to come from a few places :-)).

As they say in the classics... Have skateboard will travel... :-)