Shipping Information


Here at we offer both local and International Shipping.

Many of the items on the website are delivered by DHL or local postal services. Each order is custom printed for your purpose.

Once ordered, the item moves into a production queue at our factory to be printed and may remain in this queue for up to 6 or 7 days. After this, the item leaves our factory to be packed up and will be shipped to your nominated address.

For the most part: 
Local shipping can take up to 14 days or longer, depending on our production times and International shipping may take up to 21 days – depending on the location.

Due to the nature of our custom design services occasionally an order may be split into two or more postal packages to allow one item to come from one location and another item to come from another location in the fastest possible way (or because the items are printed in different factories - unique to the actual product being printed).

Whilst all care is taken to keep items together, sometimes it cannot be helped due to the logistics of custom printing itself and you will find this reflected in our shipping costs right from the ordering process. Our shopping cart is automatically set up to cater for these differences and choose the most inexpensive and effective way for you to receive your order.

The positive side of this is: 
We are able to provide relatively inexpensive shipping to any destination in the world and for the most part our shipping costs will reflect $8 per item (plus $8 per additional item) to any destination in the world.

Locally in the USA we are able to offer Shipping for approximately $4.95 per item (with additional items being at a lower cost - due to the bulkiness or weight of the item) or, occasionally a higher cost for certain bulky items.

Important Note:
We provide tracking numbers automatically through our website once our items have finished their production times are ready shipping.

It is important to understand that tracking numbers ARE NOT available until the item has been through the production process and is actually ready for shipping.  Be aware that this side of things is an element that is beyond our control because ALL shipping companies DO NOT provide tracking for any item that is NOT ready to be shipped.

Our focus is on helping you to receive your order in the fastest, most effective way.
Please contact us if you need any assistance with your tracking as we will be happy to help.

Thank you

Team at Amazing Fu