Fun, Love and Laugh (Parents Revenge) Pillow Set 1

We love our Retro and We love winks... Wrap yourself up with a good soppy movie and a tub of ice cream and bat your eyelashes. What to say...!! Recommended for all Parents who have Children "who know EVERYTHING..."  Yep, that's right... say it to them first (with a pillow).  Suitable for a teenager den or places where THAT family pillow fight just might get the desired result after all...

It's a Limited Edition... Not available in the stores. A great accompaniment to any living room or area of the home. Made from sturdy fabrics.

* Premium Poly-cotton Pillow Cover in an eco-friendly peach skin fabric.
* High Quality, durable and eco-friendly
* Each cover features a one-sided designer print.
* Pillow inserts are not included

* For first time washing, please rinse with water before use.
* Select gentle machine washing mode. Avoid clothes containing zippers, hooks or buttons.
* We recommend using a mild detergent.
* Maximum Washing temperature is 140 F
* Do Not use bleach
* Hang to dry in a shady place (do not tumble dry)
* Do not reverse the pillow to dry them.

Size: 17.7 Inch x 17.7 Inch
Shipping: Between 14 - 20 days due to longer drying times