The Yellow Rose

Aside from the Pink Wild Tea Rose I think that the yellow rose has the most beautiful fragrance. Its soothing, mellow and full to the senses and the rose itself is abundant and complete... That's why the Texans wrote a great song about this special rose... (so I'm not the only one who thinks this :-)) Our Rose pillow covers are for true lovers of Roses because everyone knows what it means to be around a Beautiful Rose... Make Yourself a stunning statement with an unmistakable design. It's a Limited Edition... Not available in the stores. A great accompaniment to any living room or area of the home. Made from sturdy fabrics.

* Premium Poly-cotton Pillow Cover in an eco-friendly peach skin fabric.
* High Quality, durable and eco-friendly
* Each cover features a one-sided designer print.
* Pillow inserts are not included

* For first time washing, please rinse with water before use.
* Select gentle machine washing mode. Avoid clothes containing zippers, hooks or buttons.
* We recommend using a mild detergent.
* Maximum Washing temperature is 140 F
* Do Not use bleach
* Hang to dry in a shady place (do not tumble dry)
* Do not reverse the pillow to dry them.

Size: 17.7 Inch x 17.7 Inch
Shipping: Between 14 - 20 days due to longer drying times